Infertiliy, Pain Management, Bell's Palsy, Infections, Obesity,  etc.

---Imbalances in Yin and Yang

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1, Fertility. A modern study concludes "Acupuncture as a treatment for infertility shows great results both in man and women. Acupuncture can be considered as successful treatment in restoring fertility in the patients, by improving the sperm quality and ovaries function and balancing the endocrine system and hormones.".  Dr Kang has special interests in many conditions, however Fertility Treatment is very close to his heart. Working either with or without the aid of IVF or hormonal therapy, he has a long history of increasing his clients' chances of falling pregnant. To be able to aid couples in their family planning is a satisfying experience. In our clinic Dr Kang would use basal body temperature (BBT) to monitor the progress. BBT is a very helpful indicator for female fertility. In our practice BBT showed abnormal patterns for almost every case, including unexplained infertility patients whose modern tests showed nothing wrong. And they got pregnant after BBT had become normal with the treatments here. Chinese medicine treat the body as a whole. That's why people feel better in general after the treatment of infertility. The infertility can be caused by endometriosis, PCOS, fibroid, hormonal imbalance, ageing, poor quality/quantity of eggs/sperms and so on. In Chinese medicine infertility can be classified into different types of imbalance of Yin and Yang. Even under the same condition, e.g. PCOS, the underlying imbalance can be different for different people. Therefore, the treatment will vary. In most cases, we would use combination of acupuncture, acupressure and meditation for treatment. Sometimes, we would add moxibustion or herbal medicine. Patients say we are miracle maker. But we don't see this as miracle--it's normal in our clinic. Even if you are over 40 years young there is still a chance to succeed. Now, let's talk about IVF. From the published literature, the IVF success rates are around 20%, which is not high. Modern research shows that acupuncture increases the success rate significantly.

2, Pain. It's well known that acupuncture and remedial massage help with pain wonderfully and people come for treatment whenever they need it. The modern science has discovered that beta-endorphins  is the major mechanism by which acupuncture works. In our practice we would use a combination of different modalities to make the treatment even more effective, especially for the symptoms of severe chronic cases, like frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome, gout, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, chronic neck or back pain with tingling/numbness/burning sensations in the limbs, etc. For most people with joint sublaxation, bulging disc, disc hernia, or joint inflammation, the cause is the imbalance in muscles and/or myofascia, which is what we need to treat instead of the joint itself. And this is why we have effectively helped many patients who had been treated elsewhere and failed. We would normally use combinations of acupuncture and remedial massage to effectively to balance the myofascia and or the muscles, reduce inflammation and pain, and strengthen the muscles.

Treating Imbalances with Chinese Medicinal Massage, Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine

3. Cosmetic issues. Facial treatment for skin rejuvenation is another strong point of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture helps improve blood and qi flow to nourish the skin and muscles underneath as the results of increased production of nitrate oxide. Herbs balance the hormones and remove pathogens that could cause skin problems so that rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, scars, dermatitis, etc. that cause skin lesions would be healed. People could see the benefits as quick as a few days to a few weeks, depending on the length and severity of the condition and frequency of the treatment. For example, for acute dermatitis it may take a few days treatment to see the improvements; but for chronic psoriasis, for example, it usually take 2-3 weeks of treatment to see the improvements.

4, All the other health conditions. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, hypothyroidism, paraplegia, arthritis, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa.... they are all the results of the different types of imbalanced Yin and Yang. The types of the imbalances reflect the involvement of "organs" and the properties of each "organ". Chinese medicine treats your body as a whole and you would have more relaxed mind, better qi and blood flow, more balanced hormonal and immune systems. Therefore, the body gains the healing power from the treatment to heal the dis-eased body parts. These are the unique beauty and strength of Chinese medicine. In treating all these and other conditions we normally would use combinations of two or more of the following modalities: acupuncture, acupressure/shiatsu/tuina massage, herbal medicine, guasha, moxibustion, and lifestyle change.

Chinese medicine assess people's health holistically. For example, during SARS broke out while Western medicine was trying to identify what the pathogen was, Chinese medicine had already started to cure the SARS patients and prevented it from further epidemic spreading. The doctors of Chinese medicine make diagnosis based on the patient's pulse patterns, the tongue images, some necessary physical examinations, and the patient's health history. And then from those seemingly very simple consultation the doctor drew diagnosis guided by the sophisticated Chinese medical theories. The doctor then would prescribe the appropriate treatment accordingly. Another beauty of Chinese medicine is its natural and holistic treatment modalities, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, tuina/acupressure/shiatsu massage. For example, when we treat eczema, or infertility, or other conditions people often reported feeling more calm and more peaceful. The effects of treatment are often so amazing because the stress is very often an important factor that causes different health issues. When people feel more calm and relaxed they would have less cravings for junk food, and their hormonal and immune systems would work better.

Chinese medicine is individualized. In each visit the treatment would be adjusted according the body's responses/changes so to obtain the best benefits and to speed up the healing process.

Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and tuina /acupressure/shiatsu massage we do in our clinic are really enjoyable. Some people even fall asleep during the treatment. Acupuncture is truly wonderful treatment to restore your health. However, if you really have trypanophobia, or the fear of needles we've got alternatives for you. You could have acupressure/tuina /shiatsu massage, cupping, moxibustion/TDP heat therapy or herbal medicine.   Call us  and get your wonderful journey to holistic natural health started!

Referral is not required. But if you come under work cover, car insurance, or NDIS you need your treating physician's referral on your initial appointment.

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