What's Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine includes, but not limited to, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese therapeutic massage--- tui-na massage ( also known as an-mo, acupressure, or shiatsu), heat therapy --- TDP / moxibustion, qi gong, tai ji and cupping.

Chinese medicine has a recorded history of thousands of years. In the long history of mass practice it has developed a complete system of natural therapies guided by sophisticated "Meridian (Jing Luo)",  "Eight Classes" and "Five Elements" theories which describe the organic relationships between the body systems and the body and its surroundings. Therefore, when we take a patient we spend enough time to look for and understand the CAUSES of the condition so that to formulate the effective plan to speed up the healing processes. The natural therapies we apply are body friendly.

Before Western medicine was introduced into China in the 19th century, Chinese medicine was the only medicine in China to serve the Chinese people for all their health concerns, ​from psychological to physical, from paediatric to gerontological conditions, from emergency to daily aches and  illness..... Where there is a health issue there is a natural therapy.

Acupuncture and Tui-na

Acupuncture and Chinese therapeutic massage---Tui-na massage both follow the Yin and Yang and Meridian theories. Acupuncture applies the fine needles to acupuncture points to correct specific imbalances. Chinese Tui-na massage uses hands, elbow and other tools working on Meridians and soft tissue and muscular structures to resolve different symptoms. In Tui-na massage, we apply stretching, pressure, rolling, scraping, vibration and many other techniques to treat the CAUSES of the symptom so you get fast and lasting relief of the symptoms.

Acupuncture is one of the most studied modalities of Chinese medicine. Researchers have shown that acupuncture increased IVF success rates significantly ; increased the blood flow to the pelvis to nourish the pelvic organs; improved hypothalami-pituitary-ovary axis; increased beta endorphins to help with the pain, insomnia and anxiety...

We use disposable acupuncture needles at all times and we observe the hygiene requirements strictly.  Acupuncture and Tui-na massage are relaxing and enjoyable. Some patients even fall asleep in treatment.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine are as powerful as acupuncture and Tui-na massage. As modern technologies have been applied to every aspects of modern life, herbal extracts are being used more and more, which has made taking the herbal medicine easier and more convenient and still maintain the same effectiveness. The herbal medicine can be prescribed in the form of decoction, powder, capsule, pill, liquid, spray, cream, or ointment. It can be used internally or externally or both.


A course of herbal medicine usually is prescribed for a day or two to a week or two. But for chronic conditions you may need to take a few courses of treatment.  And the herbal formula may be modified during each visit to meet your body's current needs. Herbal medicine is effective in managing a range of symptoms. Because they are natural they are a lot of more body friendly. In the past thousands of years practice, people have gained a lot of insight of each herbs and their formulation. That's why in the epidemic of SARS and current new conoravirus Chinese herbal medicine started to protect the people and helped to treat the infectious diseases from the very beginning.

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